Could we finally be about to get an update on the in-development Grand Theft Auto VI also known as GTA 6?

Could we finally be about to get an update on the in-development Grand Theft Auto VI? Fans certainly seem to think so after a message from the official Rockstar Support Twitter account told fans to “stay tuned” for updates on the long-awaited sequel to GTA V.

As first spotted by GamesRadar, a number of responses shared by the Twitter account earlier this week stressed that there’s no official information out there yet, but that fans should stay tuned to Rockstar Newswire for further updates. Whether this means we should expect some kind of GTA VI news soon or if this is simply Rockstar Support pointing fans to where news will be whenever it’s shared isn’t that clear.

I suspect the latter, sadly – as do many users over on Reddit. Some fans have pointed out that the Rockstar Support page has been answering questions about GTA VI on and off for years… although it’s been acknowledged that the timing of these most recent replies have come just a few months after the news that a new Grand Theft Auto is in early development.

In fact, the last couple of months have seen several GTA-shaped reports, most notably back in August when Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive updated the domains for “gtavicecityonline’ and ‘’. This was especially intriguing, given that it came not long after multiple rumours that suggested GTA VI will indeed be returning players to Vice City.

A little earlier in August, an 80’s electro synth artist claimed in a now-deleted tweet that Rockstar Games has been reaching out to various artists to feature their work on the Grand Theft Auto VI soundtrack. According to “Vector Hold”, the studio has been looking for Synthwave artists for one of the game’s Vice City-inspired radio stations.

Finally, not long before that, a GTA leaker who previously predicted a number of GTA Online updates as well as the GTA V port also claimed that open-world crime game would be taking us back to Vice City.

In a post over on Reddit, user markothemexicam said that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, a location we haven’t seen since the 2006 PS2-era game. He also notes that while the PS2 classic took place in the 1980s, GTA 6 will be set in an “unspecified” time period. The leaker also claims the upcoming game will have unique weather systems that will actually affect NPCs, including “random lightning strikes”.

He finished off by claiming that announcement is coming in 2021, which… actually isn’t that far away at all now. Keep your eyes firmly on Rockstar Newswire for the next couple of months, that’s my advice.

The article is originally published at LAD bible.