Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series S console leaked earlier today

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series S console leaked earlier today, just before the company officially confirmed its $299 pricing. Now a new leak is providing more details on exactly what’s inside the smaller Xbox Series S. Twitter leaker WalkingCat has posted a promotional video for the Series S, confirming that the console is targeting 120fps gaming at up to 1440p resolution and offering 512GB of storage.

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series S console leaked earlier today

The Xbox Series S will also include support for ray tracing, variable rate shading, and variable refresh rate. Microsoft is also including support for 4K media streaming, and even 4K upscaling for games. The video also reveals the Xbox Series S is the smallest Xbox ever, and it will be 60 percent smaller than the bigger Xbox Series X.

The 512GB storage could be a challenge given modern games regularly exceed the 100GB mark, but it’s still possible the Xbox Series S will include the same removable storage port found on the larger Xbox Series X. Microsoft isn’t using a disc drive in the Xbox Series S, so storage expansion will be a necessity.

It’s clear Microsoft has a lot more information to share about the Xbox Series S soon, but so far we know it’s arriving for $299. Windows Central is also reporting that the Series S will arrive on November 10th alongside the Xbox Series X. The larger and more powerful console will reportedly be priced at $499.

Originally published by The Verge