An agreement was established between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to transfer electricity from Turkmenistan via Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Mojtaba Hooshmand, Breshna’s program consultant, said in a news conference today, that the company has launched a new project called TAP, which transports Turkmenistan’s electricity from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

According to Hooshmand, with the start of the first phase of the project, the energy will be passed from Turkmenistan to Heart and Farah.

He added the amount of transfer electricity in the country will increase and if the second phase of the TAP project is completed, Afghanistan will benefit $ 50 million annually for Turkmenistan from the project.

Earlier, Tajikistan had announced due to a reduction in the region’s water, Afghanistan’s transfer electricity import reached down from 150 Megawatts to 50 MW, this made Afghanistan look forward to importing 300MW of electrical energy from Uzbekistan.

But recently a week ago Tajikistan announced an increase in their export Dam and Afghanistan can normally take 150MW of electricity.

On the other hand, Safiullah Ahmadzai, Director of DABs programs said, Afghanistan pays 220 million dollars annually to import electricity, the amount is equivalent to the $250 Million of Salma Dam’s construction project.

The article is originally published at Khaama.