Iran’s Ranking In Nano-Tech Articles Citation In 2019 Moves 26 Levels Up

Based On A Report Nanotechnology Publications Report, Iran Ranked 38 Worldwide For The Average Times The Nano-Articles Have Been Cited In The Journal Citation Reports In 2019,

Iran’s Ranking In Nano-Tech Articles Citation In 2019 Moves 26 Levels Up

As a determining indicator for evaluating the quality of articles, the 5-year average citation per article generally shows the share of highly-cited and lowly-cited articles by a researcher, institution, or country. For example, a high value of this indicator means that the proportion of lowly-cited articles is smaller in the distribution of the articles of a given country; in other words, most of the articles are highly-cited or medium-cited articles.

According to the report, among the countries that have published the greatest number of nanotechnology articles during the past five years, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland have had the highest average citation per article indicator in this field.

Despite their notable number of nanotechnology publications, the place of countries such as India and Russia in view of this index is worth pondering.

According to StatNano’s statistics, Singapore published nearly 12,000 nano-articles between 2015 and 2019, with an average of 22.6 citations per article during this period. However, Iran’s average is 10.36 citations per article.

Iran ranked 4th for the highest number of nano-article publications.

The indicator is 16.6 for the United States and 14.5 for China, the world’s leaders in nanoscience publications.

Australia has taken the second place in average citation per nano-article, followed by Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and the Netherlands holding the third to fifth spots.

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