Cameron Peak Fire Intensifies Reaching A Total Acreage Of 23,903 Acres

Fire Activity For The Cameron Peak Fire Intensified Thursday Under Red Flag Warning Conditions, Pushing Acreage Up By Nearly 800 Acres,

Cameron Peak Fire Intensifies Reaching A Total Acreage Of 23,903 Acres

Reaching a total acreage of 23,903 acres. While the fire is growing, containment has not changed and still remains at 6%.

  • According to the Cameron Peak Fire update Friday morning, residents and visitors to the area should expect to see considerable smoke from unburned fuels over the Labor Day weekend.
  • The highest amount of fire activity Thursday was seen on Green Ridge in the Colo. 14 corridor, along Peterson Lake on Long Draw Road and on the northwestern perimeter of the fire in the Rawah Wilderness.

As the fire continues to grow, crews have continued to work on small-scale burnout operations as well as air operations that provided support to firefighters on the ground through water drops.

According to the update, completion of the Killpecker line stands at 50% and at 60% for the Comanche Wilderness line, with the Neota Wilderness line needing only two more days of work to complete.

To reinforce other lines, crews used chippers and skidders on the Manhattan Road and Pingree Park Road to remove fuels and debris.

As crews finish work on indirect lines, they will join structure protection efforts along Colo. 14. Structure mitigation, with the permission of landowners and defense planning, is scheduled to occur in the Crystal Lakes, Red Feather Lakes, Glacier View and surrounding areas.

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