As of September 2, 2020 the Outbreak of a novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) had been confirmed in almost 210 countries or territories. COVID-19 virus had infected approximately 25.9 million people across the world.

By : Tehzeeb Asghar, Dr.Ali Raza, Dr. Maria Jamil, Dr. Bilal Ahmad

Coronavirus started from Wuhan city of China and its first case was reported in 31 December ,2019 that’s why it called COVID-19. Outside of China it’s first case was reported On 13 January 2020 in the Japan. With the time it spread all over the world and turned into pandemic and still causing a  massive disruption. Still Coronavirus is far away from over and scientist are having fear of “second wave of Coronavirus“. As some countries are dealing with this pandemic and there is a clear decline in the cases of Coronavirus including Pakistan.

Second Upcoming wave of Corona virus :

World health organization (WHO)  and other respective health organization are warning world with the threat of second upcoming wave of Coronavirus. Scientist are having fear of this because they are comparing the situation, cases, it’s way of spreading even everything with the Spanish flu. Pandemic of Spanish flu which raged from 1918 to 1920 and according to world health organization Spanish flu claimed almost between 20 and 50 million lives worldwide. The second wave of Spanish flu was so worsen and deadly than the first wave . That’s why world health organization spreading awareness and giving warning about its second upcoming wave . Countries that are giving ease in the lockdown and and the people which are not taking it seriously, not following standard operating procedures (SOPs) and not taking proper care of themselves are at higher risk . For the second wave of Corona virus to begin there must be a continuous and sustained rise in active cases of Corona virus. As New zeelan  faced it’s first case from second wave after 24 days without Corona virus. Similarly Beijing confirmed their first case after 50 virus free days. But still these countries are not in the position to meet the criteria required to trigger the second wave of Corona virus.

Factors that could trigger second wave of Corona virus :

As lockdown caused the massive disruption all around the world affecting people’s health, jobs, education and work but still lock down has plus points as it controlled the Coronavirus to spread and saved lives of ours beloved. With the lifting of lock down restrictions the chances of  Corona virus spread  has been increased. Due to the lack of seriousness in the people, and with continues reopening of Malls, Restaurant we may end up With the second major wave of Corona virus. Punjab health department has warned of a second wave of Corona virus in Punjab due to the lack of precautionary Measures. It witnessed in the Punjab that  people are not following  precautionary Measures and standard operating procedures (SOPs),like maintaining social distance, avoiding hand shaking, face masking in the business centres, shopping Malls and in  other public places so these are things that need to manage properly to control the cases of Corona virus, it’s spread and ultimately its second wave.As we are still facing first wave of Coronavirus and it’s not ended yet and some of us are susceptible to Coronavirus so we must follow precautionary Measures and take care of ourselves.

Preparing for second wave of Corona virus :

  • Continue to practice COVID-19 precautionary Measures such as mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing.
  • Keep in contact with your doctor and authorities who giving information about Corona virus it’s active cases like World health organization and those authorities that can provide you information if Corona virus cases begin to increase in your city or town.
  • If there appears to a second wave of Corona virus still you can protect yourself by avoiding crowded places specially those locations where it is not easy to maintain social distancing.
  • Wearing a protective kit isn’t essential but it can make you feel safer
  • Apply basic hygiene standards like wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds or have anti bacterial hand sanitizer and apply it regularly.
Authors : Tehzeeb Asghar, Dr.Ali Raza, Dr. Maria Jamil, Dr. Bilal Ahmad