Neato the robot vacuum latest D10 model has HEPA filter a pet owner’s dream

One of the biggest beneficiaries of robot vacuum are those with pets and people who suffer from allergies. A robot vacuum makes it more convenient to regularly sweep your floors for furballs, dust bunnies, and pollen.

Neato the robot vacuum latest D10 model has HEPA filter a pet owner’s dream

Neato’s newest high-end robot vacuum, the Neato D10, has a HEPA filter and a special pet mode that purports to pick up particles as small as 0.3 microns. It will be available this fall, alongside two other robot vacuums from Neato that feature laser mapping and a redesigned app.

All three Neato models will be available in late October/November. The Neato D10 will cost $899. That’s the same price as the iRobot Roomba S9, one of our favorite robot vacuum. However, the S9 can be purchased with a base that empties the vacuum on its own. 

You should also expect to see sales on the D7, D6, and D4 as retailers clear out their inventory. Considering the Neato D7 and Neato D4 are both on our best robot vacuums page, it’s worth it to see how much lower their price will drop.

The Neato D10 was announced at IFA, alongside the Neato D9 and D8; these three models, which will replace the D7, D6, and D4 in the company’s good-better-best lineup of robot vacuums. 

All three of Neato’s newest robot vacuums have a sleeker, more minimalist design; rather than several sweeping lines across the top of the robots, there are now just two, which cut straight across from one side to the other. In some ways, the sharper edges are reminiscent of the new iPhone 12.

All have a brushed-look finish; the D10 has an aluminum color, the D9 black metallic, and the D8 a dark blue. 

Another feature found in all three models is LIDAR-based mapping, the ability to save up to three floorplans, and the ability to create virtual rooms and no-go zones in the Neato app. They also have scheduled and zone cleaning. 

At the top end is the Neato D10, which has a HEPA H13 filter; the company says it captures allergens as small as 0.3 microns in lab tests. It also has a pet mode specifically for your furry friends, and a 6200 mAh which the company says will last up to 150 minutes on a charge. 

The Neato D9 will have a 4200 mAh battery and a 120-minute runtime. It has a HEPA-style E11 filter which can get particles as small as 10 microns. It does not have a specific pet mode, though.

The Neato D8 has a 2100 mAh battery with a 90-minute runtime, and a similar E11 filter as the D9. However, the D8’s filter is a “high-performance” filter, whereas the D9 has an “ultra-performance” filter. 

As someone who has two cats and a dog, the battle against shedding fur is an unceasing one. In our robot vacuum tests, the Neato D7 and D4 both picked up an average of around 90 percent of all dog hair, which is pretty good, so we’re interested to see how well the D10 fares. 

Originally published at Tom’s Guide