Governor Punjab says all Private and Public Sector Universities of Punjab will be shifted to solar energy.

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar says all Private as well as Public Sector Universities of Punjab will be shifted to solar energy. This will save billions of rupees annually. He was addressing the MOU signing ceremony between Punjab Energy Department and Public Sector Universities on Thursday.

The ceremony was attended by Federal Minister Energy Omar Ayyub, Provincial Energy Minister Dr Akhtar Malik, Additional Chief Secretary Energy Iram Bukhari and Vice-Chancellors of Public Sector Universities. Governor Punjab said that the government has taken difficult decisions which will deliver results in coming years. He said that the government has brought down Current account deficit from 20 Billion dollars to 3 billion dollars.

He said that all universities have been directed to utilize rain-water. He said that the corruption that has been done in Pakistan in the previous few years would have destroyed a country like Britain. He said that the incumbent government is taking practical steps to bring reforms in the country because our priority is the progress and development of Pakistan. He said that it is beyond doubt that Pakistan is on the road to development.

While addressing the ceremony Federal Minister Omar Ayyub said that 16 billion dollars are spent annually on buying fuel. Seventy percent electricity is being produced utilizing this fuel at present. Federal Minister said that by 2030, 70percent electricity will be produced by utilizing local resources. It will provide cost-effective electricity to industries which in turn will give rise to exports. Provincial Minister of Energy Dr Akhtar Malik said that the previous government banned the latest methods of electricity production. This was done by them to support their own personal interests and to sell LNG on increased price. On this occasion, an MOU was signed between the Vice-Chancellors of Public Universities and the officials of the Ministry of Energy.

The article is originally published at Daily times.