A new Call of Duty: Warzone leak has previewed some of the content possibly coming to the free-to-play PS4, Xbox One, and PC during Season 5 and Season 6. More specifically, two separate Warzone leaks have revealed what the long-rumored, sometimes-leaked nightfall mode will actually look like.

New Call Of Duty: Warzone Leak Previewed Of Some Content Possibly Coming To Free-To-Play PS4 : Meanwhile, the other leak reveals a new location coming to the game’s map, likely for Season 6.

The first leak comes way of prominent Call of Duty insider ModernWarzone, who has shared images of what looks to be the nightfall mode coming to the game.

According to the insider, the images were sent by a user who had this error happen multiple times while trying to load the game. Once shared, other users chimed in saying they’ve also experienced the same glitch.

The other leak comes way of Call of Duty dataminer Geeky Pastimes who pointed out that in a recent and official Call of Duty league trailer, a new subway station can be spotted. And this is particularly interesting because datamining leaks have been pointing towards the addition of a subway system for months now.

Of course, like every leak, everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing here is official information, and even it’s all correct, it’s also subject to change.

As for Activision, it has not commented on these pair of leaks and the speculation surrounding each, and this is unlikely to change as it typically does not comment on leaks of this variety.

Originally published at Comic book