MFNCA, has launched an initiative titled ‘Electoral Culture Virtual Majlis’, in an effort to promote a culture of political participation .

The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, MFNCA, has launched an initiative titled ‘Electoral Culture Virtual Majlis’, in an effort to enhance communication with all members of the community and promote a culture of political participation among them.

The initiative includes a series of interactive remote lectures, featuring prominent experts to communicate with members of the community. Topics of discussion will board a variety of subjects related to the culture of political participation, parliamentary life, and the electoral process. They will also introduce the public to the parts of the constitution that govern rights, freedoms, and obligations.

The aim of the initiative is to enhance political awareness in the community and establish an electoral culture that ultimately leads to effective participation in the Federal National Council, FNC, elections.

MFNCA Under-Secretary, Tariq Hilal Lootah, said, “The Ministry of State for FNC Affairs is committed to launching innovative initiatives that help ensure uninterrupted communication with all segments of the community, establish a political culture that promotes active participation in the decision-making process, and motivate people to be part of the political development process in the UAE, which has made great strides in enhancing parliamentary processes in the country.”

Lootah asserted that investing in technology is key for building innovative communication systems, and for allowing members of the community to actively contribute to the MFNCA’s initiatives. “The new initiative is part of the Ministry’s integrated plan to raise awareness and introduce the public to parliamentary procedures in the UAE, outline electoral processes, and highlight the achievements made in this sector since the establishment of the Federal National Council at the founding of the UAE,” he explained.

He went on to explain that building a culture of political participation is an ongoing process and a strategic objective that the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs dedicates tremendous capabilities and resources towards.

“Significant progress has been made in achieving these goals, as evidenced by the active participation of UAE citizens in the elections, as well as by their responsiveness to and interaction with the initiatives launched by entities concerned with parliamentary procedures in the UAE,” he noted.

The schedule for the lectures, along with their topics and the speakers they will feature, are set to be announced through the Ministry’s accounts on Instagram (mfnca) and Twitter (@mfnca).

The article is originally published at wam.