Never has there been more of a need from the mining industry to opt for energy efficient measures on the journey to sustainability as part of a successful energy transition towards a low-carbon future.

The mining sector needs to rethink its energy consumption patterns to ensure that the sector de-carbonise. The decreasing costs of renewables and the proven reliability of hybrid power technologies is finally driving the interest of mining companies towards energy efficient mining practices.

Decarbonisation involves the shifting of generation, transmission, distribution and usage towards a lower carbon future. This is dominated by renewable energy, e-Mobility (electric vehicles), energy efficiency, new and future fuels, such as biofuels, and demand side management.

“The mining industry is a major consumer of energy and is responsible for more than 40% of the total industrial energy use. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the energy intensive users group alone consumes over 40% of electricity produced in South Africa. Just less than 50% of the energy intensive users in South Africa, are the mines”, according to Energy Minister – Jeff Radebe.

Given the need to increase energy supply in a globally carbon constrained environment, the mining trade needs to gear up with energy efficient technologies, such as electrical variable speed drives, which could reduce energy consumption drastically.

“Conventionally, motors run at a fixed speed, regardless of actual output requirement, wasting a tremendous amount of energy.

Energy output use can be reduced by 60%, by controlling motors with electrical Variable Speed Drives.” says Stephen Brown, Danfoss Drives – Mining Accounts and Business Development Manager, Turkey Middle East & Africa.

Therefore, Danfoss is embarking on a series of informative webinars, to address the topic of energy efficient mining, geared towards mining engineers, specifiers, buyers, mining house and investors alike. These interactive webinars will enable mining experts & learners alike, to think differently about their current energy usage and how the right drives are geared to saving energy costs.

The article is originally published at mining weekly.