Old music game: you can play it again on your iPhone with iOS 14

Apple is expected to roll out iOS 14 for iPhones next month. It has already rolled out the public beta for iOS 14 and quite a few hidden features are being revealed over time. The latest feature discovered on iOS 14 is the ‘Music Quiz’ from the old Apple iPod.

Old music game: you can play it again on your iPhone with iOS 14

Apple has brought back the Music Quiz with iOS 14 and it works exactly like it did with the iPod, according to a report by 9to5Mac.

Those who have used or still use the iPod with the Click Wheel probably remember the mini game that lets you guess the song’s name that’s being played in shuffle mode. You get five options to choose the correct song’s name.

Similarly on iOS 14, the Music Quiz mini game also plays songs at random order and you have to choose among the five options provided. Music Quiz is available as a shortcut on iOS 14. There’s no dedicated app for this mini game. It also takes a little bit of finding to discover this mini game.

It’s available in the Shortcuts app on iOS app under the ‘My Shortcuts’ tab. Here too, you’ll have to type ‘Music Quiz’ in the search bar and tap on the shortcut.Y

Finally, to play the game you’ll have to allow access to your Apple Music library. Speaking of which, you will need to have an Apple Music account to play this game. You can then start playing Music Quiz.

There are five rounds in total and the answers are displayed with the whole package. You can also share your results on social media. Apple has also made it possible to share Apple Music tracks as Instagram Stories.

Originally published at Tech Hindustan times