Australia records its deadliest day of pandemic

While The State’s Handling Of The Virus In Aged Care Will Come Under Intense Scrutiny Once Again After Monday’s Grim Death Toll, There Was Positive News In Terms Of Daily Cases, Pandemic In Australia

Australia records its deadliest day of pandemic

Australia’s closest neighbor, New Zealand, reported two new virus cases on Sunday, taking its tally of infections to 1,378, while the death toll stands at 22.

Victoria has recorded its highest death toll yet with 41 fatalities and 73 new cases of coronavirus on Monday

Pandemic In Australia, The country of about 25 million has recorded so far around 25,600 cases of the new coronavirus since the start of the year – a fraction of what some states in the United States or some European countries have seen.

There have now been more than 19,000 coronavirus cases in Victoria, 2,620 which were active as of Monday.

Mr Andrews also said he was confident the second outbreak of COVID-19 was coming under control.

It is the highest number of deaths in a single day in Victoria with the previous record of 25 deaths recorded on August 17.

“It is too early today to settle that roadmap and to lock that in as it were”.

Mr Andrews was cautious about rushing to a return to normal, saying the path back to normality will be based on “science and data and evidence”.

Mr Frydenberg spoke of the federal government’s three stage plan that was delivered during the nation’s exit from the first wave restrictions and how a similar model is needed.

Pandemic In Australia, It is expected that more Victorians will be on JobKeeper by December than the rest of the country combined.

Also on Monday, Victoria’s Police Association has called for state of emergency powers to be extended.

“There can be no adequate plan for a return to some normality if the framework created to ensure it’s done safely and incrementally is removed”, the spokesperson said. “The safety of our community and our members in this precarious time is too important”.

Camera IconPolice issued 195 fines over the 24 hours to Saturday morning.

Pandemic In Australia, “Restrictions imposed by the Victorian Government have had a devastating impact on the economy”, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said in the statement.

A study also predicts Melbourne could face increased traffic gridlock once stage-four restrictions ease because people are nervous about using public transport.

Metropolitan Melbourne is subject to another fortnight of strict stage four restrictions, including an 8pm to 5am curfew and a ban on travelling beyond a five-kilometre radius of home.

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