There’s panic on the streets of London… The Getaway could be making a return on PlayStation 5.

The classic PS2 title, developed by Team Soho and published by Soho, first hit consoles in December 2002; a Grand Theft Auto clone of-sorts, with a dazzling recreation of London to roam and a story in the spirits of Get Carter, Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

While it spawned a sequel – the critically-mired Black Monday – the series has remained silent since 2004. With the next generation of gaming on the horizon, there’s a chance of a resurrection.

Games developer Mike Rouse, who runs YouTube channel Retro Gamer Boy and previously worked for Sony London on the original title, commented that he’d heard something was brewing last year regarding The Getaway.

Beneath an original trailer for the game, he wrote in response to someone’s wish for a remaster: ‘I’ve heard from my contacts at Sony that something is in the works. What it is though I don’t know.’

A Getaway fan page on Twitter also reminded followers that ‘a job listing was posted last year for Sony London hiring for a AAA PS Exclusive’, in addition to the first game’s 20th anniversary being only two years away.

The Getaway 3 was set for release on the PS3, though it was cancelled alongside the ill-fated Eight Days on June 4, 2008. While earlier sources would say the title hadn’t been abandoned, ‘just put to one side’, it’s remained dormant ever since.

With the PS5’s mind-blowing tech, The Getaway’s birthday could be the perfect time to tear up London again.

The article is originally published at Unilad.