Botswana is looking into increasing diversification of its electricity generation capacity by tapping into the safe and clean energy sources to meet the rising demand, the country’s energy minister said Saturday.

Lefoko Moagi, Botswana’s minister of mineral resources, green technology and energy security, made this announcement when addressing potential independent power producers in Francistown, the southern African country’s second-largest city.

“Our national aspiration is to utilize our natural resources optimally and ensures that Botswana will be energy secure with diversified, safe and clean energy sources and become a net energy exporter,” said Moagi.

Moagi said the process of Botswana becoming energy secure with safe and clean energy will be underpinned by the exploitation of the country’s primary energy resources to meet “energy requirements in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.”

The current electricity demand in Botswana is met through local generation at the southern African country’s coal-fired Morupule B Power Station – situated some 290km north of the country’s capital, Gaborone – and imports from neighbouring South Africa and Namibia.

According to Moagi, Botswana is therefore looking into increasing diversification and supporting the development of the economy by securing competitive, cost-reflective and sustainable electricity.

Botswana has developed a 20-year Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for the power sector which will encompass projection of future energy demand and development of the least cost energy supply, and due consideration to the demographic dynamics and level of economic activity.

The article is originally published at the new vision.