The Opportunities For Tech Companies During COVID-19

Thanks To COVID-19, More And More Tech Companies In Pakistan Are Becoming Comfortable Letting Their Employees Work From Home


Once virtualization software and business processes have been implemented. With many companies shifting and adjusting to the surge in online business and users, the need for a multitude of software products and online services only increases. This means opportunities for tech companies in third party outsourcing, software export, networking and contracts. With so many businesses now forced to go online, software export and services companies can a expect a larger and newer batch of customers requiring resources to virtualize their business operations.

Tech Companies, Many international companies still have their offices here in Pakistan like Alachisoft, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco etc. Alachisoft, an international software company with an office in Islamabad, provides software solutions to speed up customers’ applications. Not only did they completely virtualize their local business operations but they have also seen an increase in clients, all of whom require fast performing applications to serve their own customers. Telecom and Network companies like PTCL and Nayatel have seen a surge in traffic and subscriptions due to the increased network usage by businesses and customers as a result of the lockdown of many businesses and social distancing practices. And efforts to virtualize banking and transactions means networking companies like Telenor will be able to reach even more people to completely transfer their banking online through initiatives like Easy Paisa.

What does this mean for tech companies in Pakistan and their workers? Software export businesses like Alachisoft, whose products are used by businesses to increase their online performance and to scale their applications, will thrive. Businesses in retail, banking, food, finance and ecommerce, will make moves towards shifting to a full online platform in order to serve their customers. Customers will adopt new technologies and require faster networks to virtualize their consumer needs. Network upgrade requirements means that telecom and internet companies like Nayatel, Telenor and Zong will have to innovate and scale their network reach and speed in order to handle the increase in customer demand. This is phase of immense virtualization and innovation. The new health conscious landscape of Covid-19 will force companies, especially tech companies, to adapt and perform in a new virtualized economy. And that virtualized economy, will rely heavily on the current tech companies to innovate and scale in order to get the economy running again.

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