If most of the people in the world start working remotely, there will be effects on the cities and streets.

The effects will not just be limited to this but will also have its influence on the environment and ecosystem. This article will try to highlight some of the positive effects of working remotely on the surroundings. 

Less Traffic on Roads

The first and direct impact of people working remotely in large numbers is that there will be a significant decrease in the number of vehicles and other traffic on the roads. No people going to the offices will result in lesser traffic on the roads. The streets will not be crowded anymore. Less traffic means there will be lesser chances of traffic accidents and other problems caused due to heavy traffic on the roads. Clearer streets mean less stress on the minds of the people going out for different purposes.

Less air pollution

When most of the people are working from home and very few cars come on the road, there will be a lot less air pollution. The harmful gases coming out of the exhausts of the cars will be reduced considerably. This will result in purer and cleaner air. People will be able to breathe in fresh and healthy air. The increasing climate change and air pollution will be reduced this way. The life of the planet can be enhanced and the destruction of our ecosystem and atmosphere can be slowed down through working remotely. 

No wear and tear to roads

When there are no people going out daily to offices and coming back to their homes, the wear and tear of the roads and other infrastructure of the cities will be reduced. There will be less cost required for the maintenance of the roads and other infrastructure used by the people going to offices and coming back home. 

Break the chain of spreading COVID-19

People working from their homes and not traveling to their offices daily will reduce the spread of COVID-19. It breaks the chain of the virus and slows it down to a considerable extent. In this manner, during the current scenario or even after it is over, the people will remain healthy and safe from other contagious diseases.

Streets and cities can be maintained better

When people are staying at home and work remotely without coming out on the roads, the authorities have a greater chance of maintaining, renovating and repairing the infrastructure. There will be very less number of cars and vehicles to divert and handle when work is in progress. It will enable authorities to do their work almost at their will. They will not have to take care of and change their schedule according to the rush hour when the majority of people are on the roads. They can do their job at almost any time they want.  

Will help wildlife live more happily

So much traffic on the road, always crowded streets and places where birds and other animals are living, damage their privacy and lifestyle. When there will be fewer cars on the roads and places will be empty the animals and birds can also take a breather. The animals and birds are constantly being pushed away from their habitats and places where they live happily. 


Hiring remote workers not only helps the employer and the employees but also offers certain advantages for the cities and the streets. The balance in the ecosystem gets better and there are numerous other advantages, only few of which are included in this article.

By Muhammad Azam

M. Azam is a Well known Digital Marketing consultant, Blogger, Tech Journalist.