Few Games Are Highly Anticipated As Bioware's Dragon Age 4

Few Games Are As Highly Anticipated As Bioware’s Dragon Age 4, And The Studio Picked The Opening Day Of Gamescom To Give Fans A Sneak Peek At The Upcoming Game,

Few Games Are Highly Anticipated As Bioware's Dragon Age 4

Showing in development footage and a myriad of slick concept art, which yes, did include the villainous but always intriguing Dread Wolf Solas. The concept art mostly showed off the game’s environments, but it also features a new look at Solas and what appear to be silhouettes of the new game’s cast of characters, and you can check out the full behind the scenes trailer in the video above.

The game’s concept art looks gorgeous, and a few other characters also make it into the mix, but we aren’t sure who they are or how they will figure into the new game’s story.

We also see some early footage of the game, but it is quite early, so I wouldn’t expect this game to hit actual consoles until late 2021 or more likely in 2022.

As for what we do know, the game will pick up the threads examined in Dragon Age: Inquisition, specifically the after-credits scene of Inquisition’s main campaign and the Trespasser DLC. The previous teaser made mention of the Dread Wolf pretty pointedly, and we know that’s what Flemeth referred to Solas as previously, so it would seem the new game is going to run with those threads and expand upon them.

Development on Dragon Age 4 has been a bit rough according to previous reports, but it didn’t seem to have anything to really do with the team on Dragon Age 4 or the game itself. Most of the issues regarding the reboot of the game during development seem to stem from work on Anthem, as that game was having all sorts of issues in development, and with the release date looming, the Dragon Age team was pulled in to help.

It seems things are full steam ahead on Dragon Age 4 these days, and we can’t wait to find out more about it. BioWare needs a game to showcase what it does best, and that’s built rich characters in a world of difficult choices. Andromeda had that but the launch was so glitchy and bug-ridden that those elements were overshadowed, while Anthem had the gameplay, though suffered from a lack of content. Hopefully, Dragon Age 4 can find the right mix of both.

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