The Local Residents Living In Tharparkar Will Be Provided With Preference In Selection Based On Their Qualifications, Said Chairman Bajwa, Chairman CPEC


The Thar Coalfield is the 7th biggest coalfield in the world as it stretches over 9,000 square km and reserves approximately 175 billion tons of coal.

Chairman CPEC, This coalfield has a lot of importance in the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) and is a key part of the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative).

As soon as the project completes and becomes operational, it will provide soft brownish coal and 6.8 million tons of lignite to around 660 MWs power plants. Some of the power plants will become operational in 2023 but there is one power plant that will be completed by August 20222.

China is one of the largest coal consumers and this month it has decided to ramp up the development work on the Thar Coal Power Project.

After such a long delay, nearly 500 workers of Shanghai Electric power have reached Pakistan in order to resume the work on the coalfield.

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