ArenaNet brings highly successful game Guild Wars 2 over to Steam

ArenaNet announced today that they are finally bringing their highly successful game Guild War 2 over to Steam. The game is currently celebrating its eighth anniversary, and to mark the occasion, publisher NCSOFT West finally chatted with Valve and are putting the game on their platform. Players won’t just be getting the base game, either.

ArenaNet brings highly successful game Guild Wars 2 over to Steam

They’ll also be getting both expansions with Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, as well as the entirety of the game’s Living World content which includes The Icebrood Saga.

That’s a ton of content! What’s more, the devs also revealed their first look at the game’s upcoming third expansion currently in development, which is being called End of Dragons. According to them, the expansion will be released in 2021 and “take players on a journey to Cantha, the mysterious island nation in the south that has been neither seen nor heard from for over 200 years.”

Here are a quick quote and more info from today’s announcement, as the game will release on Steam in November 2020.

Guild Wars 2 has endured for the better part of a decade because of its innovative gameplay, rich storytelling, and passionate fanbase,” said Chauncey Gammage, Chief Operating Officer, NCSOFT West.

“As the game’s incredible fantasy world prepares to grow once again with the End of Dragons expansion, we are excited to bring this universally acclaimed gaming experience to Steam users around the globe.”

Beginning today, current Guild War 2 players who own Path of Fire will be able to unlock a new ability for their Skimmer mount.

Upon logging in, an in-game mail will kick off a special Collection that will unveil the hidden potential of the aquatic creature, allowing it to dive and explore the game’s underwater environments, the first time one of the game’s genre-defining mounts will bring the joy of movement to the depths of Tyria.

Originally published at Bleeding cool