Sydney About to Experience its Coldest Start for Two Years

Sydney could be about to experience its coldest start for two years on Wednesday morning with the mercury set to fall to just 6C in the CBD and as low as -1C in the city’s west and south west.

Sydney About to Experience its Coldest Start for Two Years

Frost will be widespread across much of New South Wales, southern Queensland and northern Victoria as winter does its bets to make its presence felt days before it exits stage left

However, it’s the cool before the warm, with a surge of heat heading towards Australia’s east and south east as the week progresses.

“Light winds will continue to dominate over the south east which means widespread below average temperatures,” said Sky News Weather Meteorologist Alison Osborne.

“New South Wales could easily see the coldest morning of the year so far while Sydney could shiver through its coldest night in two years.”

A low of 6C at Observatory Hill, near the Harbour, could sink to just 1C in Parramatta and as low as -1C in Richmond and Campbelltown at dawn on Wednesday.

Dubbo, Wagga and Griffith could all see temperature below 0C; in Armidale and Canberra expect -4C in the morning.

The following burst of warmth will likely see the mercury rocket in Sydney, from a maximum of 18C on Wednesday to 26C on Sunday.
Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra could also see temperatures rise as the week progresses. But it will be a brief bump for Tasmania where a cold front will send the numbers right back down again. In Perth, a settled week of pleasant winter weather and cold mornings.

“As the maximum temperatures climb, the minimum temperatures (around dawn) will drop thanks to those clear skies and light winds. Many areas will be close to or well below freezing particularly on the ranges,” said Sky News Weather Chief Meteorologist Tom Saunders.

“We have some record winter heat in northern parts of Western Australia and as winds blow clockwise around highs, so the warm weather will be drawn across the south eastern states.”

In parts of the north of WA temperatures are 12C above average.
For Melbourne, a high of 15C on Wednesday will rise to 19C on a sunny Saturday but could drop back into the mid-teens on Sunday. Colder mornings earlier in the week of just 5C rising towards the weekend. Showers possible on Thursday.

Similarly chilly in Canberra. On Wednesday it’s likely to reach just 13C with a bone chilling -4C on Wednesday morning. But come Sunday it will be a sunny 18C with dawn starts of 6C. Frost will be a feature up to Thursday. Clear skies means no rain.

Dry in Sydney too this week with 18C reached on Wednesday afternoon. The 20C barrier should be passed on Thursday with 25C on Sunday but then a drop to 20C by Tuesday. Nights will still be cold, though, bottoming out in the single digits and below zero away from the coast.

Adelaide will see 19C on Wednesday and then 23C on Saturday. Like Melbourne, it’s a bit of a see saw with the mercury back to 17C on Sunday. A 7C start on Wednesday.

A cold front will keep it wintry in Hobart with a high of 14C on Wednesday and not much warmer for the rest of the week. A brief touch of heat on Saturday, when it will reach 19C, will rapidly fall to a maximum of 13C on Sunday. A low of 6C for the Tasmanian capital on Tuesday and then 7C for much of the rest of the week.

Temperatures will inch up in a mostly sunny Brisbane from 21C on Wednesday to 26C on Friday with lows hovering around the 10C mark.

Scorching in northern WA. Fitzroy Crossing is likely to see 38C all week although overnight it will only reach the mid-teens. Cooler on the coast, but only by a touch, with 31-36C at Port Hedland. It’s that heat that will be heading towards the south east.

Much more manageable in Perth with 3pm maximums of around 20C – possibly up to 25C on Thursday. Lows should be around 10C.

Very hot in Darwin. The Top End city is looking at 36C on Thursday and 34C on the weekend. Cooler at night though with temperatures falling to only 20C on Tuesday morning.

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