Three of Australia’s leading religious figures have called for a boycott on the potential coronavirus vaccine being sent to the country due to ethical reasons.

The Australian government announced last week religious figures that it had sent a Letter of Intent to a UK pharmaceutical company to secure tens of millions of doses of the Covid-19 cure being developed by Oxford University.

There has been a massive fallout over the decision and many people have voiced their opposition to getting the vaccine if and when it arrives on our shores.

Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies and Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Australia Makarios Griniezakis have now also waded into the debate.

They have signed a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, asking him to abandon the plans to use the vaccine.

Their big issue with the potential cure is that researchers have been using cell lines from an electively aborted foetus.

The letter asks the Australian government to pursue finding a vaccine that hasn’t been ‘morally’ compromised.

“Please be assured that our churches are not opposed to vaccination: as we have said, we are praying that one may be found,” the letter said. “But we also pray that it be one that is not ethically tainted.”

Originally published at Lad bible