First person POV games aren’t all shooters. Some feature unique concepts like No Man’s Sky and these are the best ones to check out.

First Person POV games are immersive, exciting, and often pretty popular. However, despite that, some just blow the others out of the water. Whilst No Man’s Sky is immersive and exciting to play thanks to the new update, there are many other games that players will love if they enjoy first-person POV games like this one. Since No Man’s Sky’s update, many new players have found themselves immersed in the open-world exploration of the universe around them. For many, it has changed their perspectives on first-person games, with them realizing that there’s more to this perspective than just first-person shooters.

First Person POV games are often so versatile that it can make the most simplistic of stories unbelievably tense and exciting. Take No Man’s Sky, for example. The storyline is interesting but it can be a little slow and confusing at times, but the beautiful planets and landscapes and interactions keep the player engaged and interested. This is the power of a first-person POV game.

No Man’s Sky is a wonderful example of how great first-person games can be without it being an FPS. This game focuses on the beauty of what the player is looking at as well as making sure they always have something to do.

Most players and fans of No Man’s Sky have found themselves sitting down and playing for hours on end without even realizing it. This is thanks to the multiple quests and missions to complete as well as the hundreds of animals and materials to find and scan. All of this makes this game a wonderful addition to the first-person genre and worth a play now that most (not all) frustrating bugs have been fixed.

The article is originally published at screen rant.