Magnetic STEM Blocks Great For Kids To Develop Early Math Skills

You know that early childhood education is important. But did you know that strong numeracy skills at the start of kindergarten can set your kid up for a lifetime of academic success? Of course, learning has to be playful. These magnetic STEM blocks are great for kids aged three to eight and help develop early math skills in a way that’s fun.

Magnetic STEM Blocks Great For Kids To Develop Early Math Skills

If you’re a parent—or an adoring aunt, uncle, or godparent—you’re always on the lookout for the perfect toy for little ones. But, there’s a lot to sift through, and a massive amount of toys won’t make your cut. You want the toys you invest in to be durable enough for hours of play but still a ton of fun. And if they can secretly be educational, even better. If this sounds like you, then you’re going to love the Kontu® STEM Blocks Child Development Toy.

These wooden, magnetic blocks are a beautiful toy. These shiny, blond colored blocks are round and come with trays where they snap into place. If your purchase includes the bonus card pack, you’ll also get 30 two-sided cards for the numbers 0–20, the standard operators, and shape cards. Kontu® STEM Blocks are made in Thailand from the Para rubber tree. The company’s website explains that rubberwood was once considered a waste product that was burned at the end of its lifespan. But with products like these blocks, rubberwood can be harvested and made into useful things.

According to Kontu®’s company website, children’s brains form 90% of their neural connections by age five. This means that the brain’s architecture and emotional, cognitive functioning is already set by the time a child enters kindergarten. The education a child receives after this point builds on the critical five years, which is mindblowing! Caregivers of small children have a fantastic opportunity to set their children up for a love of math during this early stage.

And going along with that, the founders of these magnetic STEM blocks point to academic research that emphasizes the importance of math experiences in early childhood. Precisely, strong early math skills at the start of kindergarten are the strongest predictor of overall school success. That being said, we know from the studies of Maria Montessori that young children learn best through interacting with the world around them and especially through playful experiences. So the educational toys and activities you do with your child have to be fun.

Play seven foundational activities with these educational toys and that’s where these STEM blocks come in. Children love magnets, and these blocks have them. Your kids will have hours of fun playing seven activities that are based on stacking, counting, balancing, and taking away. And the two-sided number and activity cards will give your kids a headstart in number numeracy. Also, Kontu® STEM blocks help your kids explore magnetism, learn to count, recognize numerals, create structures, discover weight and spinning, and much more. It’s a cool kids’ gadget to have in any smart home.

The clever design of the blocks and activities support both independent and parent-guided play, which are the hallmarks of effective early-childhood learning (full-disclosure, your editor was once a kindergarten teacher). Plus, these magnetic blocks don’t involve any screens to better encourage creativity.

Support early education nonprofits Kontu® Blocks are a toy you’ll feel great about buying, and not just because they’re excellent for your child. The company promises to donate a portion of each sale to U.S. nonprofits that support equitable early education. The research is there; quality early childhood education is essential. And now, you can help support access to it through your purchases.

Every great toy needs a way to make it portable. And these STEM blocks provide one in the form of a stylish organic cotton tote. It comes included with either of the two larger bundles. The bag holds all of the blocks and cards of any sized kit. You can even use it as a grocery store bag in a game of imaginary play.

As a former teacher, I think these are great toys. They’re made sustainably from beautiful materials and provide a myriad of learning opportunities with their focus on math and adaptability to open-ended play. And regarding the math, it’s so important to help children build positive numeracy experiences early on. It’s a gift that will always stay with them and Kontu® Blocks can help with that. Now if there was only a gadget that could help parents get a better night’s sleep.

Originally published at thegadgetflow