Free Urdu Language Technology Services Released

Free Urdu language technology services have been released by the Center for Language Engineering (CLE), AlKhawarizmi Institute of Computer Science, UET.

Free Urdu Language Technology Services Released

. Users can access these web-services
online and technology developers can integrate these directly from their applicationsusing the APIs provided. The services include the following:

  • Urdu Speech Recognition
  • Urdu Text to Speech Synthesis
  • English-Urdu Speech Translation
  • Urdu Optical Character Recognition
  • Roman to Urdu Text Conversion
  • Urdu Text Summarization
  • Urdu Language Identification
  • Urdu Spell Checking
  • Urdu Content Profanity Estimation
  • Urdu Keyword Extraction
  • Urdu Domain Identification
  • Urdu POS Checking

These services aim to promote the development and use of Urdu language-basedinformation and communication technology. Such technology in the local languagespromises a wider access for Pakistanis, allowing for their socio-economic benefit.

CLE conducts R&D in linguistic and computational aspects of languages, specificallythose spoken in Pakistan. This work has been supported by Higher EducationCommission and Ignite National Technology Fund of Pakistan.

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