It looks as though the dam just burst when it comes to Pixel 5 leaks, with high-quality renderings of the upcoming phone and a pretty comprehensive list of specs appearing within a few hours of each other.

This is all unofficial, but if you want the Pixel 5 launch to be a surprise, look away now.

First up we have high-resolution, 3D renderings from the usually reliable team of @OnLeaks and Pricebaba – these pictures are based on supply chain information and are likely very close to what Google is actually putting out.

It’s a familiar design that follows the lead of the Pixel 4a, though it looks as though we’ve got a higher quality finish on the back and an extra camera, which we were expecting. According to the tipsters behind the renders, we’re looking at a screen size of between 5.7 and 5.8 inches, with a punch hole notch on the front.

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Interestingly, these Pixel 5 renders show a fingerprint sensor on the back, which suggests the Face Unlock option on the Pixel 4 is going away (it looks as though the advanced radar-powered Motion Sense features are getting ditched this time around too).

We’ve also got a host of other specs to pore over courtesy of Android Central. A Snapdragon 765G is apparently the mid-to-upper-range chipset that’s going to be powering the Pixel 5, something we had already heard rumors about.

Added to that, it looks as though we’re in line for a 6-inch OLED display on the Pixel 5 (slightly bigger than the @OnLeaks and Pricebaba prediction), running at a 90Hz refresh rate to give in a slight edge over the Pixel 4a that’s already on sale.

The rear camera on the Pixel 5 will have standard and ultrawide lenses, according to Android Central’s sources – another change from the Pixel 4, which had a telephoto lens – and it’s in line to get a bigger battery than its predecessor. Inside, there’s reportedly 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Android Central also shares a few details about the Pixel 4a 5G, expected around the same time as the Pixel 5: this will apparently have the biggest screen of any Google Pixel phone launched this year, measuring 6.2 inches corner to corner. The Pixel 4a 5G will also come with the Snapdragon 765G processor, apparently.

the article is originally published at tech radar.