EA finally shared some of the improvements they plan to bring to Franchise mode in Madden 21 and future Madden titles, and it all begins with their internal Franchise team

About a month has passed since EA responded to the trending hashtag on Twitter #FixMaddenFranchise. The hashtag forced a response after previous Madden 21 game notes revealed that the game’s Franchise mode went ignored by the Madden team, despite statements in the past that Franchise would be focused on.

EA finally shared some of the improvements they plan to bring to Franchise mode in Madden 21 and future Madden titles, and it all begins with their internal Franchise team. The Gridiron Notes post stated that Franchise mode will receive “a higher percentage of team bandwidth” and a “greater investment in core Franchise features through Madden NFL 21 post-launch support, Madden NFL 22 launch, and beyond.”

That rolls into the second point that the team views Madden as a live service, as it is updated every week. What I think this means for Franchise mode is that there won’t really be any changes to the mode by the August 28 launch date. The team even says that we’ll see changes over the coming months via two or three updates. While it was never realistic for meaningful changes to make its way into Madden 21 by launch, it’s a little disappointing to know that the Franchise I start on launch day won’t have any of the updates they’re planning to bring to the mode.

That said, where the excitement begins is in the list of the planned post-launch support for Madden 21 Franchise mode, and even more what they might be able to do with Madden 22. With a disclaimer that the list of features they plan on bringing might change and that there’s no time table right now, there’s a lot of quality of life fixes that Franchise players have been asking for. The Madden 21 post-launch support list includes:

-Tuning – Improved progression and regression of players.
-Commissioner Tools (ranked by priority) –
Ability to undo transactions
Ability to approve trades
-Ability to reset a game in case of a disconnect
-AI Personnel Management – Team management for draft, free agency and trades will be improved.
-Playoff and Super Bowl Presentation will receive a refresh.
-X-Factor / Superstar Ability customization – You can customize your roster with the ability to customize X-Factor and Abilities on all players.
-Career stats UI – A better UI for historical player performances with more immersion and depth on how players have progressed in your franchise.
-Trade Logic – More fidelity, depth, and authenticity.
-Retirement UI – Better insight into retirements so that players can react better.
-Playoffs update – Add an authentic playoff bracket screen.

As I said, a lot of those are things players have been asking for. That theme continues into the planned Madden 22 support, which is admittedly still early on in planning and pre-production. I mean, Madden 21 hasn’t even launched yet. But looking ahead, the team is exploring coaching and staff management, scouting improvements, new scenario engine enhancements, new team chemistry system, and commissioner tools improvements.

I know a lot of players want to be able to create team helmets, logos, jerseys and more from scratch — a feature that has been in many sports games including older Madden titles — but I don’t see the NFL ever allowing complete freedom for that. But the Madden team is going to look at more content for relocation and branding assets for franchise, including new uniforms, names, logos and relocation options.

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