A new Google Chrome browser extension has been unveiled that allows Netflix users to read a film’s screenplay while watching.


The third-party ScreenplaySubs function, which is currently only usable on a certain number of films, was created by user Egan Bisma.

The extension can be downloaded and fans can choose from a list of films to click through, before selecting the toggle function while the title is playing on Netflix. It then splits the screen in two as the screenplay is followed while the film plays.

It is currently only available for six films — The Social Network, The Irishman, Marriage Story, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Zodiac and Silver Linings Playbook — with more set to be added every week. However, only the former three are available to UK users.

“ScreenplaySubs is a self-funded app purely driven by the goal to make it easier to appreciate the hard work and passion Filmmakers put to manifest each line from screenplay into reality,” Bisma explained in the description.

Earlier this year, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic many Netflix users started using the Netflix Party app, which allows fans to watch TV and films in groups online.

In other Netflix news, composer Hans Zimmer has written a new version of the streaming service’s theme that plays before its content for theatrical releases.

The well-known ‘ba-dum’ lasts only three seconds, which is too short for theatrical releases, so The Dark Knight composer has been enlisted to create a longer version

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