Under the Prime Minister’s vision of digitalization of Pakistan, Petroleum Division has developed an advanced and innovative dashboard application, Exploration Management


Exploration Management, For effective management and monitoring of E&P information for first time in the country with the collaboration of LMKR- a petroleum technology company. Federal Minister for Energy Mr. Omar Ayub Khan and Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Petroleum Mr. Nadeem Babar and Secretary Petroleum Division supervised the project to actualize it in line with high-calibration within the specified time frame. It is worth mentioning that this project has been met without extra budget allocation, provision of IT equipment or any external/foreign assistance despite constraints of COVID. Petroleum Division also appreciates the professional support of Mr. Mian Mohsin Hameed, a member of the Energy Task Force, for leading the project.

The Exploration Management System (EMS) is basically a Windows-based, multi-user GIS database application that will enable the Directorate of Petroleum Concession to access real-time E&P data information. This will help officers to take quick actions/ decisions in case of reduced production, suspended wells, shut-in wells, and delayed drilling due to any technical or operational issues.

Advanced data filtering tools will provide options to customize the query to see company/basin/country-wise historical and current E&P activities and information. Output reports in the form of PDF, Excel sheet and GIS layer can be extracted from this application against any standard or customized search.

Exploration Management, Planned vs Actual wells dashboard will help to monitor the performance of the companies against the plans and commitments.

The production dashboard will help monitor daily/ weekly production of wells and fields for any company or for all companies. Utilization of this dashboard will help increasing Oil and Gas production by taking necessary actions and corrective measures where production is reduced or stopped due to any reason. DGPC can use this dashboard to set KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and Performance benchmarking of E&P companies in addition to provide ease of doing business to the E&P Companies while ensuring compliance of rules and commitments made under relevant agreements.

EMS dashboard is a great initiative towards digital transformation, data analytics, data mining and data learning. This will lead us towards the data driven decisions and implementations. Petroleum Division is committed to continuous improvement and advancement in E&P sector because indigenous gas & oil production will ultimately contribute in the growth of country’s economy.

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