Windows 10 Sharing, Users of the Google Chrome browser will soon be able to experience Android-like sharing on Chrome OS and Windows 10 devices.


Windows 10 Sharing, Google will soon bring support for the native Windows 10 sharing sheet to the Chrome browser. The Web Share API integration of Chrome into Windows 10 and Chrome OS will help the tech company bridge the native application gap.

Currently, the Web Share API is not widely supported on all internet browsers, and it is only supported on a handful of modern web browsers including the Android version of the Chrome browser. However, the Web Share API support is also present on Edge for Android. You may also note that Chrome as well as Edge are powered by Chromium.

Although the company is still developing the web-share permission policy, the integration of Web Share Application Programming Interface into Chrome OS as well as Chrome for Windows 10 will soon be available. When a user tests Chrome at the W3C Web Share API webpage, the website reports that the Web Share integrates with the OS sharing system. Currently, it is only supported on the Android operating system, and it is expected that support for Windows as well as Chrome OS will be available in the third quarter or fourth quarter of this year. So, we can expect support in the upcoming few weeks.

Windows 10 Sharing, Web Applications on desktop as well as PWAs (Progressive web applications) will benefit from Web Share Application Programming Interface. It will enable users of Windows 10 to share links to other applications. In other words, the Web Share Application Programming Interface will offer sites as well as web applications with native sharing experience. So, sites will be able to share texts, links, as well as files to other applications installed on Windows 10 devices similar to the Android operating system.

Furthermore, the company is also working to support for Nearby Share feature of Google to Chrome for Windows 10. This feature enables users to send files to other gadgets that support the file-sharing functionality of Google. Bluetooth should be enabled on both devices for the Nearby Share feature to transfer various files. If Windows users want to use the new file-sharing functionality of Google, they will have to install Chrome Canary or Dev.

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