Ghost of Tsushima, Wow, the records keep getting broken for PlayStation’s first-party titles. According to the July NPD report,


Ghost of Tsushima enjoyed the fourth biggest launch month dollar sales in US history for a Sony published title. That means, only Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Last of Us: Part II, and God of War managed to move more units in their first month on sale.

It signals a huge success for Sucker Punch, and the title has also become the best-selling non-bundled PS4 exclusive in Japan as well, where it’s even outsold Marvel’s Spider-Man. Knack is still Sony’s top-seller in the region, but that came with the console day one as compensation for the device’s delay in the region.

We already knew that the title had beaten Horizon Zero Dawn to become the fastest-selling new IP in PlayStation history, and this pretty much establishes Jin Sakai as one of Sony’s iconic heroes. We loved the game in our 9/10 review, and you can check out our Ghost of Tsushima guide for much more information on the release if you’re just getting started with it.

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