Israeli Ministry Of Defense Faces Cyberattack Via Social Media

The Israeli Ministry of Defense is looking into a cyberattack by a North Korea-linked hacking group on the country’s defense industry through the business-oriented LinkedIn social media service.

Israeli Ministry of Defense Faces Cyberattack Via Social Media

The ministry announced on Wednesday that the group known as Lazarus targeted several Israeli defense firms.

It said hackers posing as CEOs and human resources officials at high-tech firms sent job offers to defense industry employees through their LinkedIn accounts in an attempt to infiltrate their company networks.

The US government has imposed sanctions on the Lazarus Group, which it claims is controlled by North Korea’s intelligence bureau.

The US says the group carries out cyberattack to collect funds for the development of weapons of mass destruction.

The Israeli ministry has not disclosed which firms were targeted or when, but it says no information was stolen because the attack was immediately detected.

the news is originally published at nhk.

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