HEC To Revamp, To addresses the gap and raise undergraduate degree to international standards Higher Education Commission (HEC) initiated a process of revamping the undergraduate curriculum,


Which has culminated in the Undergraduate Education Policy 2020.

HEC To Revamp, All public and private sector universities in Pakistan required to implement the Policy by the Fall Semester 2021.

Upon approval by the Commission, the Undergraduate Education Policy was finalized and approved by the competent authorities.

Universities have to adopt the Undergraduate Education Policy through normal procedures not later than end-January 2021.

In order to facilitate universities in implementing the policy, HEC will from time to time provide guidelines and manuals for the various components of the Policy. HEC will also support universities may be needed. 

HEC will also provide training to faculty and staff members of universities and colleges for the implementation of Policy.

HEC To Revamp, Although internationally the undergraduate degree is considered the flagship of higher education, in Pakistan very little attention is given the substance and quality of undergraduate programs.

 In this regard, HEC organized 21 events that includes consultations, workshops, and, dialogues. 143 universities across Pakistan included AJK and Gilgit Baltistan also represents these events.

 HEC also held numerous focused discussions with academics to benefit from their knowledge, experience and understanding. It is to analyze inputs and feedback from these events and to align the revamping its international best practices.