WonderTree Pakistani Tech Startup Wins UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020

Pakistani Tech startup WonderTree joins11 startups from across the globe, and as the only one from Pakistan to be selected for the UNICEF Innovative Fund 2020.

WonderTree Pakistani Tech Startup Wins UNICEF Innovation Fund 2020

UNICEF’s Innovation Fund has been specifically designed to finance early stage, open-source technology that can benefit children.

The core motivation of the Innovation Fund is to identify “clusters” or portfolios of initiatives around emerging technology – so that UNICEF can both share markets and learn about and guide these technologies to benefit children.

This year, the Fund received over 350 submissions from 60+ UNICEF program countries.

WonderTree uses Augmented Reality, machine learning, and human pose estimation to make interactive and immersive games for children between the ages of 4-14 years, with mild to moderate disabilities.

Their inclusive and unique approach of using motion-based games as an assistive tool makes the learning process fun and exciting for children. The use of AR games can overcome the limitations of space and allow total body movement, keeping the child thoroughly engaged and motivated.

Parents and teachers also have access to an online psychometric dashboard to track and measure the progress of the child. The games are free to download from their website at www.wondertree.co.

With UNICEF’s Innovation Fund, WonderTree plans to enhance their technological infrastructure and scale their solution to populations with limited access to quality learning.

Over the next year, they will focus on creating an optimal experience for the end-user, reduce the computing requirements to run our games, and test the technology with the data gathered through this program.

Their ultimate aim is to use this opportunity with UNICEF as a stepping stone to go global and impact millions of children worldwide.

Originally published at Business recorder