llegal Embargo on Development of local Seed Industry

It gives us pleasure to say that the Agriculture Reform Movement (ARM) Pakistan represents local Seed Industry

llegal Embargo on Development of local Seed Industry

local Seed Industry, We ever encourage them to get agri-business especially in seed business for quality seed production.

Seed business is a small and medium entrepreneur. Normally the people with an agro based background come into this business.

Government of Pakistan is emphasizing to curtail import of seed and production of local seed. Exotic seed, not only costly, is also at risk of introducing potential pathogens

It is also a desire of our Honorable Prime Minister that all regulators should facilitate for creating of a conducive environment for local production.

local Seed Industry, Unfortunately in opposite of above policy, the Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department (FSC&RD) is imposing an illegal condition of Rs. 25 million bank balance for approval of Seed Company. It is also strange that such a condition has no legal approval based on Seed (Business) Rules 2017

The embargo of FSC&RD and the ministry of National Food Security & Research is in fact discouraging induction of the private sector into local Seed Business by a genuine farmer.

It will be highly appreciated if the condition of such heavy investment is waved off to facilitate small and medium financial farmers or business men. On the other side the department FSC&RD has no legal ground to impose such illegal conditions. It is also being observed that by imposing this illegal condition of investment big companies are being supported.

It is requested that this decision may kindly be reviewed and a rational limit of investment may kindly be introduced with the consultation of all stakeholder.