Young Volunteers Participates In PM's Tree Plantation Campaign

Encouraged by the prime minister leading the tree plantation campaign, a huge number of young volunteers being part of the Tiger Force participated and helped plant saplings to carry out the project of planting a billion trees on immediate basis. A total of 10,000 trees have already been planted on the first day with the assistance of numerous hands. 

Young Volunteers Participates In PM's Tree Plantation Campaign

During the last couple of days, Prime Minister Imran Khan has shown much keenness for the success of this project and lately, he has also been praised globally by different NGOs and environment related international departments for his efforts for the completion of this project. 

With his emphasis on planting trees on immediate basis, The Nation has also learnt that Prime Minister Imran Khan has already directed Islamabad Administration to upgrade five different panagahs and develop a format of standardised panagahs which would be followed up in future. 

Talking to The Nation, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Mr Hamza Shafqat stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan, along with the members of Tiger Force have planted 10,000 saplings on the very first day here in Islamabad. The official explained that a total of three hundred thousand saplings were decided to be planted in the capital. 

When asked about which of the places were selected for the plantation of trees, the incumbent explained that the saplings will be planted on greener areas such as Margalla hills, parks, and surrounding areas of Srinagar Highway etc. 

The official briefed that all government departments of Islamabad were engaged in the tree plantation project including Metropolitan Cooperation Islamabad, Capital Development Authority, Ministry of Climate Change and Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency. 

Hamza Shafqat was further questioned about the up-gradation of panagahs of Islamabad by the order of the Prime Minister to which he replied, “The panagahs are not only going to be upgraded but also a standardised platform would be introduced which will be further followed across the country.”

He also explained that the administration of the capital, provincial management authorities, Ehsaas NGO and Bait-ul-Mal Islamabad were making collective efforts for the completion of up-gradation of panagahs. 

Chairman China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Authority and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Lt Gen (R) Asim Saleem Bajwa on Sunday urged people to join the tree plantation campaign for a green and clean Pakistan.

In a tweet, Bajwa said, “Let’s all join Tree Plantation Campaign for green and clean Pakistan, for our survival, for our future generation, the only way to fight climate change.” He also shared a link of maps to show where Pakistan stands in tree count as compared to other countries.

Originally published at The nation