Care Delivery, Brian Kemp announced a new COVID-19 treatment from Navicent Health and its partner Atrium Health.


Care Delivery, Officials say it’s a hospital-level treatment that patients can experience from their homes. This virtual care delivery system “is designed to protect the patient’s health, the health of others, and prevent further spread of the virus,” officials say.

“We are thrilled that this innovation in virtual care technology is now available to Georgians seeking care. Navicent Health’s virtual care system will ensure available hospital capacity for central and south Georgians while allowing patients who are not acutely ill to recover in their own homes. This innovative asset will serve as another tool in Georgia’s tool belt as we continue our fight against COVID-19 and provide quality care to Georgians in need,” Kemp said on Monday.

The system is an expansion of the COVID-19 Virtual Hospital from Atrium Health and uses telemedicine to treat patients who don’t need the level of care provided in an intensive care unit.

Care Delivery, The Virtual Hospital offers two levels of care, medical observation, and acute care. Patients are looked after 24-hours per day, and workers can remotely monitor your blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature while you’re recovering at home.

Patients who are chosen for the Virtual Hospital get a COVID-19 Monitoring Kit. This includes a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter (measures blood oxygen and heart rate), thermometer, and detailed instructions. You watch and log your vital signs several times per day and check-in with nurses and doctors as needed. You can also access a 24/7 support line with any questions.

The Virtual Hospital lets care providers intervene early if needed while letting some patients recover from home so hospitals can save space for those who are critically ill.

Care Delivery, Dr. Ninfa Saunders, president and CEO of Navicent Health, says the Virtual Hospital is the first of its kind in Georgia. She adds this telemedicine program will help ensure Navicent maintains capacity for the sickest patients.

“For years, Atrium Heath has been a national leader in telemedicine. And when COVID-19 hit, we explored options to significantly expand bed capacity,” said Gene Woods, president and CEO of Atrium Health. “Within only a week’s time, our Atrium Health COVID-19 Virtual Hospital became a reality and, now, we’ve cared for more than 13,000 patients at home to date through this amazing new virtual care platform. So, as we think about the future of telemedicine and, specifically its application in rural markets, it’s exciting to think about what an incredible and far-reaching impact this will have on our patients in Georgia as we improve health, elevate hope and advance healing for all.”

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