CarPlay, While users are generally recommended to update to the latest versions because of security reasons


Drivers who rely on CarPlay for music and navigation would better think twice before doing this.

CarPlay, And it’s because this particular iOS update seems to be causing some issues with music players in CarPlay, and these include both Apple Music and Spotify.

First and foremost, it’s the “For You” tab in Apple Music that no longer works correctly.

As several users are reporting on reddit, enabling this tab and then tapping any generated playlist is no longer possible, as all they get is a loading indicator with no music actually starting playing.

The same bug has been confirmed by lots of users on various iPhone models, including both older and newer devices. The latest-generation iPhone is also affected by the problem, so it’s pretty clear that this isn’t a model-specific bug, but something that needs to be fixed in the operating system.

And then, there’s a similar glitch in Deezer and Spotify. After updating to iOS 13.6, I noticed that using the “flow” feature, which uses the songs I recently liked to generate a playlist that also includes other recommendations, no longer works. Once again, all I get is a loading indicator with no music actually playing after I tap the button.

This happens more often in Deezer, but I also encountered the very same problem in Spotify. However, I’m seeing isolated reports about the whole thing experienced by others with these players, so right now, the Apple Music bug appears to be a little bit more widespread for the time being.

CarPlay, I can’t confirm all these issues are related, but it’s pretty clear that the latest iOS version doesn’t necessarily provide the best music listening experience on CarPlay.

Apple is yet to acknowledge these problems, but there’s a chance a fix would be part of the next update for iOS. Right now, it looks like a similar issue is included in the most recent version of iOS 14 beta too.

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