To Save Historical City Of Lahore, PM Launches Ravi Urban Development Project

Rs5 trillion ‘Ravi Urban Development Project’ has been launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said that this project is essential to save the historical city of Lahore. Due to unplanned settlements, the city is facing environmental issues, thus this project is important.

To Save Historical City Of Lahore, PM Launches Ravi Urban Development Project

The PM said, “This Ravi Urban Development project is meant to revive the lost glory of Lahore, a city struggling to cope with the problems of pollution, sewerage and water shortage.”

The PM said that the project will build the perishing River Ravi into a perpetual freshwater body. It is vital for high-quality waterfront urban growth.

This modern city would have the best facilities for its people along with a forest area that would be planted with 6 million trees.

Furthermore, PM Khan revealed that the Naya Pakistan Housing project is also underway.

About Lahore, the PM said that because of unplanned, irregular expansion of the city, it deteriorated in all civic services. He said that in terms of waste disposal, clean drinking water, electricity and gas, and communication, the city was lagging behind other modern cities. 

Furthermore, he said that due to the pollution in Lahore, people were suffering from severe breathing problems. He was hopeful that this project would reinstate the water table of Lahore that dropped by 800 feet.

He asked the overseas Pakistanis to make use of the opportunity and invest in this project.

He said, “The people might invest in the construction sector till December 31, 2020 , as Pakistan has been given relaxation on international obligations regarding documentation of the informal economy.”

Adding, “It would also lead to wealth creation and help in poverty alleviation besides providing more resources for health, education and debt servicing.”

Originally published at Research sniper