Call of Duty, Warzone players Discovers A New Gas Mask

Warzone players have discovered a new gas mask which was added to the game without much fanfare.

Call of Duty, Warzone players Discovers A New Gas Mask

The new orange item is simply called the “Durable Gas Mask,” and as its name suggests, it’s a gas mask that can take slightly more of a beating when you’re stuck outside the circle in Warzone and need it to keep you alive until you’re back in the game. The item’s addition appears to be part of a bigger set of items added in the game’s Season 5 update, so there may still be Warzone items players haven’t found yet.

Twitch streamer Dutchdrummer is one of the first to have found the Durable Gas Mask item and shared the evidence of the find online for others to see. After finding it inside of the newly opened stadium, it was discovered that it had the same number of bars that the normal gas mask does, but it took several more ticks to wear it down each time.

The clip below from Dutchdrummer shows the gas mask in question and how it works when you’re caught outside the circle.Patch notes for Warzone’s Season 5 update included only some vague wording about the new loot and didn’t specifically mention the gas mask. Those notes can be found below for those who missed them when the patch notes were released ahead of the Season 5 launch.

Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Notes

  • New Warzone loot items!
  • Gulag weapons will now rotate every week between four sets total
  • Increased effective damage range for all semi-auto DMR and semi-auto Sniper Rifles
  • Increased effective damage range for the FR 5.56
  • Fix for a bug where the player’s physics could be controlled by the helicopter while they parachute out
  • Fix for an issue where players were unable to call in any Air Strikes
  • Fix for seeing invalid pings on the Heartbeat Sensor
  • Added new VO lines to warn players of enemy Recon Drones being called in near them (BR only)

Previously, the Most Wanted contract could respawn dead players. Now, it can respawn players in the Gulag in any state

Fix for the ‘Alive in Gas’ challenge timer

The Durable Gas Mask seems like it’s pretty rare given how little we’ve seen of it, though perhaps you’ll come across one sometime in your Warzone matches or will at least find it off another person.

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