China To Promote Sci-fi Films To Popularize Science

A guideline on promoting the development of sci-fi films has been jointly issued by the China Film Administration and the China Association for Science and Technology.

China To Promote Sci-fi Films To Popularize Science

Made public on Friday, the guideline lists 10 policies and measures on the production, screening, special effects, and other issues concerning sci-fi film. It also highlights sci-fi film as a significant growth area and a new driving force for the high-quality development of China’s film industry.

It stresses efforts to expand the sources of scripts for sci-fi film by converting resources such as sci-fi literature, comics, and video games, and suggests the establishment of a screening union for sci-fi film, which can be joined by science and technology museums and other institutions.

The guideline underlines improving special effects in films as a whole through the advancement of special effects in sci-fi films, and asks for a sounder technology standard system for special effects.

It also calls for favorable finance and taxation policies for sci-fi films, better talent cultivation with more efforts at universities, and a new mechanism for authorities, such as the ministries of education, science and technology, and finance, to take part in the development of sci-fi films. Enditem

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