How To Change Microsoft Teams Background With eMazzanti

A NYC area work from home technology consultant and Cloud services provider presents easy-to-follow steps to change the Microsoft Teams background in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website.

How To Change Microsoft Teams Background With eMazzanti

The informative article explains how to blur the background or how to replace it with an image you choose.

After explaining blur or replace options, he lists the steps for changing the Teams background before the meeting starts and during the meeting. He also includes instructions for uploading custom images to supplement the images supplied by Microsoft. Finally, he suggests upgrading your business image with a corporate logo or setting.

“With the best collaboration tools on the planet, Microsoft works hard to help you appear professional,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “So, don’t spoil the illusion with unplanned chaos or messes you didn’t have time to clean up.”

“Well into the 2020 summer of work from home (WFH), we’ve become better acquainted with one of the most popular collaboration platforms, Microsoft Teams. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful video conferencing features, Teams gets the job done. To further enhance your Teams experience, let’s learn how to change Microsoft Teams background.”

Blur or Replace

“If you want to change Microsoft Teams background (what appears behind you) for a Teams video conference, you have the option of blurring your background or replacing it with an image you select. Microsoft provides a set of background images to use, or you can upload your own.”

Background Images that Make a Difference

“Background Effects in Teams allow you to set up an image behind you that’s different than your actual surroundings (see above). They make a great tool if you want to look more professional by hiding a less than impressive room. Better yet, by adding a company logo or corporate setting, you enhance the company brand and elevate your importance to outsiders.”

Microsoft Teams Experts

Whether it’s with Microsoft Teams, or any Microsoft productivity tool, the Microsoft-trained and certified engineers at eMazzanti Technologies help organizations grow revenues and increase productivity. Count on eMazzanti for Microsoft Cloud Services and other business IT Managed Services.

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