Dawlance has donated another consignment of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the safety of Doctors and paramedical staff, who are treating COVID-19 patients at major hospitals in Karachi. This initiative is a part of Dawlance’s broader commitment to provide free-of-cost equipment and appliances to build capacity for the nation’s battle against this pandemic.

Earlier, Dawlance – the leading enterprise in Pakistan’s electronics industry, had also contributed a large number of valuable electronics to numerous hospitals all over Pakistan. These included; Refrigerators, Split Air-Conditioners, Incubation-Chambers, Water-Dispensers, etc., to support the frontline healthcare personnel and paramedics, during this unprecedented threat to public-health.

Dawlance produced these high quality PPE’s at its own factories. In the first phase, the hospitals for distribution comprised of; Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Dow University Hospital (DUHS), Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplant (SIUT), Liaquat National Hospital (LNH) and The Indus Hospital (TIH). All these credible healthcare institutions have officially expressed their gratitude for this generous gesture.

This leading brand of home-appliances is also making other efforts, to bring relief for the masses, to minimize the socio-economic impact of this highly infectious disease. These appliances and PPE’s will help the hospitals in treating the people suffering due to corona-virus efficiently while minimizing the risks of getting effected from COVID. These are dire circumstances, where the weak healthcare infrastructure of Pakistan needs all possible assistance from the resourceful corporate sector to respond more strongly against Covid-19. Therefore, Dawlance is playing its role in saving precious lives despite tough economic situations

The Director Sales & Marketing at Dawlance – Syed Hasan Jameel stated that; “The COVID-19 is an unprecedented global challenge. Since these doctors are putting their own lives at stake to save the nation, it is our responsibility to take tangible measures to ensure the heath and safety of these dedicated professionals. These hospitals are providing, high quality healthcare to the most deserving and vulnerable segments. So we as Dawlance are taking maximum measures and trying to play our role by helping paramedics and hospitals through our productions facilities, R&D and our High quality products. .”

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the 3rd largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe – Arcelik Turkey – Dawlance will continue to support credible institutions and initiatives. It is also inspiring other corporate enterprises to contribute towards developing healthcare infrastructure for the safety and better quality-of-life for the citizens. The company’s social-development policy also promises better education and environmental sustainability.