Children Under The Age Of Five Carry Higher Level Of Coronavirus

Higher level of coronavirus, A new US study could change the prevailing narrative that young kids are not drivers of the virus.

Children Under The Age Of Five Carry Higher Level Of Coronavirus

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Higher level of coronavirus, Children under the age of five carried major amounts of coronavirus in their upper respiratory tract, a study published on Thursday showed. Early research did not find strong evidence of children as major contributors to the spread of COVID-19.

But now, a study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics suggests young children had a viral load 10-fold to 100-fold greater than adults in their upper respiratory tracts. This could mean children are key drivers of transmission within their communities.

Here’s a round-up now of the other major stories regarding coronavirus around the world:


As the continent approaches 1 million confirmed infections, the director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that Africa still has a “very good chance of beating back this virus” with a comprehensive strategy that includes testing assertively.

Meanwhile, the country with nearly half of Africa’s virus caseload, South Africa, has eased its 9 p.m. curfew by an hour.

Higher level of coronavirus, And The UN food agency has warned that nearly 60% of Zimbabwe’s population could become “food-insecure” by December without a further $250 million (€210 million) aid package.


Multiple countries are reporting an uptick in the number of cases as the continent struggles to control the spread of the virus.

Indian authorities say that “herd immunity without vaccination is not a strategic choice or option,” even as India records over 50,000 new confirmed infections.

Countries that were praised for their initial handling of the pandemic, like Australia and Vietnam, are now facing a resurgence in the number of cases. After a record daily increase, Australia’s state of Victoria has made face masks mandatory.


President Donald Trump questioned on Twitter whether the United States should delay the November election until people can vote “securely and safely.”

The US has reported a 32.9% contraction of its economy between April and June, the worst decline since the Great Depression.

A new study out of Cuba has found that an antibody drug already being used against coronavirus can decrease the risk of intensive care and death among nursing home residents with COVID-19.

Infections in Brazil have surpassed 2.6 million, a day after the country reported nearly 70,000 new cases. Brazil is the world’s second-worst hit country — behind the US — with more than 90,000 deaths.


The pandemic has caused a record drop in Germany’s GDP. The 10.1% shrinkage was the largest since the country began collecting quarterly data in 1970. Austria and Belgium reported similar contractions in their economies Thursday.

Meanwhile, companies across the continent have reported severe losses for the second quarter of 2020. VW, Renault and Airbus all reported staggeringly low financial results as the coronavirus crisis ground the global economy to a halt.

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