Google Chrome Is Apparently Preparing New “Read Later” Feature

Read Later, Often while browsing the web you’ll find an article or page you just don’t have time for at the moment, but might want to check out later on.

Google Chrome Is Apparently Preparing New “Read Later” Feature

To assist with that, Google Chrome is apparently preparing a new “Read Later” feature.

Read Later, Does that all sound familiar? It probably should. Chrome’s two biggest competitors, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, both have comparable features. Firefox integrates with Pocket and Edge has been building out a powerful “Collections” feature. Google has also built out similar features in the past, but they’ve never gained much traction in Chrome, but rather are used in the primary Google app.

TechDows spotted a Chromium change that describes this new “Read Later” feature coming to Chrome for computers. There’s already a similar feature available for Chrome on iPhone/iPad, but not other platforms.

Buried in chrome://flags in the latest Canary update (v86), there’s a flag that describes a new button that would save the contents of a tab to this new “Read Later” feature. It’s unclear exactly how this would work, but I’d imagine it will be a lot like a bookmark, just accessible within a different UI. Apparently, there would be a single button to save tabs for later.

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