China on Saturday successfully launched three non-military satellites into orbit using the Long March 4B launch vehicle,


The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) said on Saturday.

Non military Satellites, The launch took place on Saturday morning at 11:13 am local time (03:13 GMT) from the Taiyuan launch site in Shanxi province in northern China. Within minutes, all three satellites entered the assigned orbit.

The Ziyuan-III is one of a series of Chinese-developed stereoscopic satellites for mapping activities. The satellite will be used by China’s Ministry of Natural Resources. The Ziyuan-3 satellite will work together with the two satellites of the same series and the Gaofeng-7 satellite that were previously launched into orbit, CASC said.

The second satellite is the so-called Lobster Eye satellite, equipped with an X-ray detector and will carry out cosmological research. The third will become part of China’s network of satellites powering the internet of things, CASC explained in a detailed statement. The corporation added that this was the 341 launch for the Long March class of vehicles.

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