White Xbox Series X Console Appears Online

A white Xbox Series X controller appears to have leaked online. An image of the white controller appeared on Reddit over the weekend, before the poster deleted their account and the image.

White Xbox Series X Console Appears Online

Identified only as “Wolfy_Wizzardo,” the Reddit user claimed to have snapped the photo at a party in Washington state hosted by the child of a Microsoft employee.

Before the account deletion, the Reddit account had been commenting and posting about topics in Seattle, Washington for months.

The controller itself includes the new D-pad on the Xbox Series X controller, alongside the new share button that Microsoft is shipping on next-gen controllers.

We spoke to the Reddit user before their account was deleted, and they claimed the associated console was also white and “looked more squarish and the Xbox button looked bigger on it.”

They also claim to have played games on the console, and that the interface still looked like the Xbox One UI.

Microsoft is sticking largely to the same Xbox dashboard that ships on the Xbox One, with some minor tweaks to enable new features like Quick Resume.

Some are speculating that this white Xbox controller could indicate the existence of a second next-gen Xbox. Microsoft is rumored to be launching its second, cheaper next-gen Xbox (codenamed Lockhart) in August.

It’s not clear if the white controller and console are genuine or not, but if they do exist and belong to a Microsoft employee then it could simply be a special edition Xbox Series X.

Microsoft created a white Xbox One exclusively for employees who worked on the console when it shipped in 2013.

Microsoft has refused to comment on the mysterious white Xbox controller.

Originally published at The verge