Education Startup Airschool Live Now

Education startup Airschool is now live and is offering various courses catering to local audiences, with experts teaching in Urdu and English.

Education Startup Airschool Live Now

The courses are live as opposed to being pre-recorded and are being conducted by leading experts with relevant experience and credibility in their respective fields.

With Covid-19 having brought schedules at schools, colleges and universities to pretty much a halt, remote online learning is one important way to manage this gap. This can also result in helping those teachers who went out of work because of Covid-19 and have to find others means to make a living.

Airschool provides a platform for teachers to teach online and gain access to students locally as well as internationally. “Driven by the belief to democratize access to education, Airschool is onboarding the best experts who are offering live courses at affordable rates,” said Fatima Rizwan, Founder & CEO of Airschool.

The idea of live courses is to make the learning process active as well as interactive, which isn’t really the case when it comes to pre-recorded lectures. The live courses and classes will also bring people together to the same platform and immerse them in a shared experience so they feel included and motivated to tune in every day.

Some of the courses currently available on include Facebook Marketing, Freelancing, Calculus, Programming, Ecommerce, IELTs, etc.

“The students join these courses for the content but stay for the community of Airschool. Each course batch has a diverse audience participating from Pakistan and other countries. This helps the students in learning and networking. The live environment lets the student engage not only with the instructor but with other students as well. The courses are conducted in Urdu and English, with instructors switching between the two languages,” said Rizwan.

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