Unban Popular Game, PUBG Players Tweets PM

PUBG Players, Pakistani gamers are up in arms against the government over the continued ban on popular mobile game PUBG despite court’s order to suspend the ban.

Unban Popular Game, PUBG Players Tweets PM

PUBG Players, The ban was imposed on July 1 by the Pakistani Telecommunication Authority (PTA) after complaints of parents who said the children were addicted to the game.

However, a Pakistani court on Friday suspended the ban and directed the telecom watchdog PTA to restore the game.

Despite the orders, the ban remains in place, irking the gamers who have now taken to Twitter urging Prime Minister Imran Khan to restore the game under #ImranKhanPUBGKholo.

PUBG Players, While some tweets are filled with rage, others are brimming with dejection from the youth who feel let down by Imran Khan, who appeared a youth-oriented leader to them.

PUBG is a mobile game and has been immensely popular among the youth. The game has even been addictive in some cases.

Late last month, a teenager from Punjab spent Rs 16 lakh from his father’s savings to make in-app purchases.

Earlier, in March, a 12-year-old had been accused of stealing cash worth Rs 3 lakh from his own parents in Gujarat’s Kutch district.

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