Earth Grapples With Adverse Effects Of Climate Change

Earth has been grappling with the adverse effects of climate change and global warming for quite some time. The heat from the Sun has parched the grounds on which we breathe.

Earth Grapples With Adverse Effects Of Climate Change

The wildfires sweeping through the exotic habitats has brought much chaos and concurrently contributed greatly to the extinction of ecosystems and wildlife. Rain and snow storms are enveloping parts of the world bringing about immense catastrophe.

It is extremely unfortunate that not many people are acting practically in order to circumvent or suppress the aftermath of climate change, but in our heart of hearts we are filled with utter remorse.

The fact is that Pakistan’s contribution to global greenhouse gases is less than one per cent, yet the impact of climate change on Pakistan is far greater.

Being one of the developing countries most affected by these severe changes, Pakistan needs to keep up with the world of science and technology and adapt to a sustainable approach for living in order to ameliorate the situation.

The tragedy here is that owing to an amalgamation of multiple problems on multiple fronts, Pakistan cannot opt for such a radical change, at least at the moment.

It is truly a dilemma. But perhaps the sole way to escape this issue is to initiate replanting and preservation programs such that every household should plant at least five pots. This, in the long run, may help neutralise the effects produced by climate change.

The Prime Minister in 2019 had pledged to plant ten billion trees across Pakistan in the next four years. It is now up to all of us to make sure that we are able to achieve this goal since everyone is in this together.

Originally published at Tribune